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All notable changes to this project are documented in this file.


* Major release. Introduced speedups and accuracy improvements. Version used for the preprint. (


* Removed bug in haploid imputation
* Removed bug reading imputing regions with spanning indels (bug reported by @MySelvan)
* Removed bug in INFO score calculation
* Refactory model classes (cast)
* Added --inputGL option
* Added --ban-repeated-sample-names option


* Better reporting of missing genotype likelihoods and ploidy
* Added multi-threaded input for VCF/BCF files
* Added haploid/diploid/mixed ploidy imputation
* Added FPLOIDY parameter in output
* Small improvements in the PBWT selection


* Version used for the paper (
* Change in the state  selection for phasing
* Bugfix for compatibility with bcftools 1.10.x regarding --main


* First release. Version used for the preprint (